Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Change Management Lead

Job Title: Change Management Lead
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Duration: Contract
                                                 Visa Copy Mandatory during submission
Job Description: Help develop and execute change initiatives to enable a successful transition to the target state. Develop metrics to measure transition and determine appropriate actions.

Change Management (P3 - Advanced)
1 - Business Readiness (P3 - Advanced) | 2 - Change Enablement (P3 - Advanced) | 3 - Stakeholder Management (P3 - Advanced)
One role is for "Direct Procurement" One role is for "Finance"

Need your Skill Matrix:
·         IT Experience:
·         US Experience:
·         Change Management:
·         Business Readiness:
·         Change Enablement:
·         Stakeholder Management:

·         Lead exp:

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